Friday, 27 January 2012

Little Butterflies

As well as creating my artwork my other passion is teaching.I love seeing students grow creatively and for that reason I am going to try and comunicate my teaching vision through this blog.
Hopefully I can inspire someone through my ramblings!
This is of course an interactive process and I would love your feedback and imput :)

I wasnt quite sure where to start so I have been through my old sketchbooks and photographed them to try and illustrate my thought process (my husband often comments that Inside my head isn't a place you would want to be!) but Im willing to risk it if you are!

So, lets make a start
Capturing ideas
I always think of ideas and inspirations as little butterflies that are there one minute and gone the next
My mind will settle on a creative thought and then fly off to another
The secret is to find a way of "capturing" these thoughts before they are gone forever

The inspiration can take many forms and be recorded in different ways:
  • Images: your own photographs, web images, books, magazines
  • Sketches: always carry a small sketch/note book with you to capture ideas anywhere

  • Memories: these can strike at any moment so be prepared! Note them down and also anything you want to research later - these can be a remembered touch, smell, feeling,object, incident etc etc
  • Words: poetry, song lyrics, words spoken and recalled, single emotive words
See my Sketchbooks page for more info

If anyone would like to book me to teach a workshop or deliver a lecture at their group, guild or educational establishment further details can be found here