Monday, 6 February 2012

2 Designs from 1 set of research

A new week and the stitching goes on - this is whats been happening over here

Meanwhile, to continue my last post I'd like to show you how the house theme developed and eventually led to the creation of 2 different pieces of work

This was a sample used to decide on my colour pallette
I wanted to use muted pastels

Then I thought "What if ?" went off on a tangent and this was the result but I will come back to this later!

For "The House Of Secrets" this was the effect I decided on as it reflected the uniformity of the streets in the South Wales valleys and provided the marked contrast to the large house which I was after

"The House Of Secrets"
Julie Bull 2011
Hand Dyed Cotton And Stitch
36cm x 36cm

As for the other piece of work, well that delveloped into a Story Pillow
which I use as a sample for this workshop

"Our House"
Julie Bull 2011
Hand Dyed Cotton And Stitch
18ins x 18ins