Friday, 6 December 2013

Hand Stitched Christmas (Part 2)

Today's post is a little tutorial for my hand stitched fabric leaves 
I hang mine from the garlands I wind up the stair rails but they also look great on trees as part of a woodland scheme

What you need
Scraps of cotton fabrics in greens, browns, oranges 
Piece of twine (approx 7 ins)
Black embroidery thread

What you do
1. Cut out the leaf template and place onto the front of a piece of cotton fabric
2. Draw around the template (this will be your stitching line) then cut out the leaf adding approx 1/4 inch all round
3. Cut the back of the leaf to the same size
4. Place the 2 leaf shapes with W/S facing and tack securely
5. Using 2 strands of black embroidery thread work a stem stitch along the stitching line you marked in step 2 making sure you are stitching through both layers of fabric
6. Leave a 3 cm gap in your stitching then stuff the leaf with polyester filling
7. Continue the stem stitch to complete the leaf and close the gap
8. Make more leaves and stitch together in pairs
9. Stitch on the button, tie the twine to the button and hang any where you fancy for a bit of woodland magic

Leaf Template