Thursday, 12 December 2013

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Picture this familiar scenario:
It's just 2 weeks to the big day, the kids are breaking up from school any day now and you still have stocking fillers and teacher gifts to think about
Arggh! Tired and stressed and rapidly running out of money, you need some 'me' time and some cheap and quick gift solutions

Maybe I can help

These cute little embroidered felt circles can be easily made into keyfobs or badges with just a few jewellery findings
So make yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and relax with a bit of therapeutic hand stitching

First gather your supplies:
Free Pattern
Small scraps of felt (wool or acrylic)

Stranded embroidery thread
Embroidery Stabalizer (Fuse and Tear)
Crewel needle
Fineliner or pencil
8 - 10 Jump rings and 1 keyfob clip or brooch pin
Jewellery pliers

Step 1
Cut 2 felt shapes the same size - I have used 55 mm circles cut with a die cutter but any shape will be fine and they can be different colours)
Trace your chosen design from my free pattern  onto the papery side of the stabalizer
The other side has a waxy coating (a bit like freezer paper) - make sure the waxy side is facing the felt then press for a few seconds with a hot iron

Tip: if using acrylic felt cover with a cotton cloth first or you will melt the felt!)

Step 2
Using 3 strands of embroidery thread stitch along the lines with a back stitch
Make your stitch quite tight and remember to fasten off securely at the end
More stitch ideas HERE

Step 3
Now for the fun bit!
When the stitching is complete simply tear away the stabalizer to reveal the design

It will tear away very easily - remove any tiny bits with the point of your needle

Step 4
Holding the front and back pieces together blanket stitch around the edge using 2 strands of thread

Step 5
To make into a keyfob
Stitch the first jump ring at the top of the shape with a few overcast stitches

To make into a badge
Stitch the brooch pin to the back

Step 6
Attach the rest of the rings to the first one to form a chain then attach to the key fob clip
Voila! your'e finished
Simple or what?

Make lots more yourself to give to teachers, friends or as stocking fillers 
Draft in some help  - they are easy enough for older children to stitch and will keep them busy while they are waiting for Santa