Friday, 24 January 2014

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Cupcake Coaster Tutorial

I have a new pattern for you this morning and a very simple tutorial
To stitch these cute coasters you will need:
Cream cotton fabric
Patterned cotton fabric
Matching sewing thread
Stranded embroidery threads
crewel needle
embroidery hoop

What you do
Cut two squares from the patterned fabric
Cut the embroidered fabric into a square slightly smaller than the coaster and stitch to the R/S of one square with running stitch using 3 strands of pink embroidery thread
Place the coaster back and front R/S together and stitch taking a 1/4" seam
Leave a small gap in one side
Turn through to the right side and press
Hand stitch the gap
Make 3 more and give as a gift or use yourself and admire your stitching every time you use them!

I also have a little kit available in my Etsy shop featuring the cupcake design on a felt coaster

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Heart Decoration Free Embroidery Tutorial

So the Christmas decorations are now a distant memory and we are all looking forward to Spring with it's lighter evenings and better weather
The next big celebration is of course Valentines day and to get you in the mood for some love themed stitching I would like to give you a little free gift
My embroidered heart decoration can be stitched with whatever message you would like
It could be a gift to tell someone how much you love them, to say thank you or just to remind yourself how much you love your home
Download your FREE pdf HERE

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Doodle Design For Embroidery

I don't know about you but I love a good doodle :)
There is something so satisfying and therapeutic about creating patterns with just a fine liner and a piece of paper

But why not go one step further and stitch your doodles?

All you need is some light coloured cotton fabric, iron on embroidery stabalizer, a needle and some black stranded cotton

1. Trace your doodle onto the fabric (see my transfer methods tutorial here)

2. Iron the stabalizer to the back of the fabric
It will stiffen the fabric enough so you won't need to use a hoop

3. Stitch the design using 1 strand of thread for very fine lines, 2 for thicker lines etc
You can use any outline stitches e.g back stitch, stem stitch etc (click here for stitch diagrams)

When the stitching is complete, frame your masterpiece or use it as a quilt block or as part of a sewing project