Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Hand Embroidery on Paper and Card

Hand stitching on heavy paper or card is an easy and effective way to create lovely greetings cards and show off your embroidery skills at the same time!
You can also use this technique to add embroidered accents to gift tags and scrapbooking projects

What You Need
First you'll need a design to embroider. For stitching on paper, it's a good idea to stick with simple outlines
Almost any hand embroidery pattern or design can be stitched using basic embroidery stitches.
In this tutorial, I am using a small design from the Fresh Florals Pattern Set

The materials needed for any paper embroidery project are basic and very easy to find - you may already have them in your workroom
• Heavy paper or card stock  - I have cut a circle using my die cutting machine
• Embroidery Needle
• Stranded Embroidery Thread 
• Embroidery Scissors 
• Pencil 
• Padded surface – this could be a piece of cork, styrofoam or folded felt

What You Do
1. Print off the embroidery pattern to the desired size and mark around the pattern using the pencil and card circle then cut around the pattern

Place the pattern over the card circle and use masking tape to fix it to the padded surface

2. Using the embroidery needle or pin pre-pierce the stitching lines at regular intervals, pressing the tip of the needle through the pattern and the card into the surface below. Basic stitches work best when embroidering on paper. In this sample I have used straight stitches, back stitch and lazy daisy stitch
To prepare for the straight stitches on the flower centre punch holes about   2mm apart along the lines around the circle and 1 in the centre. Where one or more threads will pass through the same hole, use a larger tool to make the hole bigger
To prepare for the backstitch, punch holes about 2mm apart along the lines. To prepare for the Lazy Daisy stitch, punch 3 holes: 1 at the base of the petal and 2 at the top

Hold up to the light to make sure all the holes are pierced
Tip: always hold the piercing tool vertically

3. Start to embroider the design, do not use knots - start and end by leaving a tail and secure this to the back of the card with tiny pieces of masking tape

4. Use 1 strand of deep pink thread to stitch the flower centre, starting at the edge of the circle and working through the centre hole with each stitch
Work the stem and leaves in backstitch using 3 strands of green thread

Work the petals in lazy daisy stitch using 3 strands of pink thread. Begin by passing your needle up and down through the same hole at the bottom of the petal, so that you create a loop of floss on the surface of the card.
Bring the needle up through the hole at the top of the petal, and position that  loop so your needle is sticking through it, as shown then take the needle to the back through the second hole

The completed stitching

To make the card, I used a pre-folded white card with a square of striped paper attached to the front
I mounted my stitched circle onto a circle of green paper then attached this to the card

The finished card
Perfect for Mothers Day or as a thank you card