Thursday, 17 July 2014

Me and Kitty LOVE Dancing

Today I'm delighted to unveil the first in a new series of embroidery patterns

Meet Princess Lucy

She's not really a princess but likes to play dress up in her crown with her best friend Kitty

Lucy is inspired by lovely memories of my own sweet auburn haired daughters 

When Laura was born her big sister wanted to call her Princess Lucy but we had already decided on a name

But she was always 'Princess Lucy' to Sarah in their cute imaginery games!

The design is stitched in back stitch and straight stitch with French knots on the lace petticoat
I have used a scrap of Liberty fabic to applique the dress - trace the dress shape from the pattern and cut out as a template
Pin this template to the fabric and cut out
Either use fusible web to iron the fabric on or cut slightly bigger and fold over the edges
I have attched mine with tiny running stitches all over the dress to add a bit of texture

Instructions for transferring to light fabrics are included in the pattern
Click HERE if you would like to stitch the design onto a T-Shirt or dark fabric

Me and Kitty LOVE Dancing is available from my Etsy and Craftsy stores