Tuesday, 27 January 2015

What's In My Hoop Embroidered Pillowcase

This is the first in a new series of posts which will be every Tuesday entitled 'What's In My Hoop'

Each week I will share what I am currently stitching with a tutorial, project idea or a use for one of my patterns

So, this weeks post is about stitching a pillow case

Don't know about you but I love pillow cases especially ones I have made myself :)

I think there is something so special about laying your head on a beautiful cotton case made from some pretty fabric and embroidered to make it personal and unique
I especially like the 'housewife' style pillow case as it has that lovely extra pocket to tuck in your pillow neatly and keep it nice and clean

Housewife Pillowcase

  1. Cut cotton quilting weight fabric to the following measurements
      Please Note I have included a 3.5 in strip of plain fabric for my embroidery on the front of           the case. You can back this strip with stabaliser to prevent the thread showing through or             as I have done with another strip of the same fabric

2. Transfer your chosen embroidery design to the 3.5 ins strip of plain fabric using a cold water      soluble pen. I used some of the sprigs and floral motifs from my Easter Egg-stravaganza            pattern
     Next, stitch the 3 pieces together to form the front of the pillowcase.
     Hem the top edge
     I find it easier to work the embroidery at this stage rather than trying to work with a narrow            strip so hoop up the fabric then stitch the design with 3 strands of embroidery thread

3. When the embroidery is complete rinse away the pen in cold water and press with a hot iron       to dry 

4. The next job is to construct the pillow case
     Hem one short edge of the back then fold over and press 8ins to the inside to form a flap
     Tack this in place then place front and back R/S together with the folded piece at the top
     Stitch down each side and across the bottom, either overlocking or neatening the seams

5. Give everything a good press then turn right side out, insert your pillow and admire your                work. You may want to make lots more, you have been warned!