Monday, 2 February 2015

5 Common Misconceptions About Hand Embroidery

1. It's Old Fashioned
No longer just for your granny's dressing table, hand embroidery is experiencing a huge revival especially amoungst younger stitchers
AND It's big news as a home interiors trend 
Whatever your interior style, shabby chic, vintage, retro, modern or boho you will easily find an embroidered item in the stores to complement it

2. It's Difficult
Hand embroidery can be as easy or complicated as you make it!
Beautiful results can be achieved by learning just one stitch
All my designs are stitched with simple outline stitches like back stitch and stem stitch

A complete beginner?
My Hand Embroidery Basics is the place to start
Then why not try my Cupcake Coasters

3.You Need Lots Of Expensive Equipment
All you need to get started on your first embroidery:

Stranded Embroidery Thread
Embroidery Hoop

As you progress you may want to add more

4. It has to be perfect
My best advice if you have never embroidered before is to thread up your needle and dive in!
Use a knot to start if it's easier and don't worry about how it looks at the back
Remember all experts started out as beginners
So silence that inner critic and have a go but be warned - it can be addictive!

Elodie Piveteau

5. It's Just For Handkerchiefs And Baby Clothes
It CAN be but why not apply your stitching skills to YOUR clothes 
T-Shirt Embroidery

There are some amazing inspiration ideas around the web Embroidery as a trend is growing fast
Embroidered Womens Clothes