Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Embroidered Bird Cushion (Part 2)

What's In My Hoop
Remember the bird cushion I started last Tuesday ?

Well, I have been happily stitching away at this and am quite pleased with the result

I tried using split stitch for the black outlines and decided that although I like the finished effect, it takes too long to work and doesn't flow as well as stem and back stitch

I wanted a mix of bright colours and bare outlines so used satin stitch for the leaves and worked the birds and clouds with tiny french knots

This gives a lovely shaded effect almost like paint daubs
Work the knots close together for a denser block of colour or farther apart as I have done on the clouds for a lighter more airy look

I added 3 rows of coloured fabric around the design finished with a border of linen

The next stage will be some crazy quilting style embroidery around the strips and maybe a beaded edging

Look out for the finished cushion next Tuesday