Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Flower Quilt Project Block One

Last Thursday  I invited you to join me as I stitch an embroidered  flower quilt one block at a time
The first block is now stitched with the flower bouquet from my Fresh Florals pattern
and I'm pleased with the result

This is a log cabin block called Courthouse Steps also known as 'square in a square' 
It's a nice easy block for beginners and one I use a lot as it makes a lovely frame for embroidery
It's made by stitching a strip to the opposite sides of the centre square then the 2 remaining sides
Repeat for as many rows you would like

Here are the stats: 
Centre plain square 8.5ins cut (8 ins stitched)
Blue strips 3.5 ins
Pink strips 4 ins
Finished block size 21ins

Look out for the next block which will be posted on the first Thursday in March and will feature a new flower design
And don't forget I would love to hear from you if you are making your own flower quilt