Double Crochet Phone Case

A simple pattern for novice hookers, this cute little case will keep your phone safe and scratch free

You will need:
Double knitting yarn

A 4.50 crochet hook

ch = chain
dc = double crochet
ss =- slip stitch

The case is made from a single strip of crochet joined with dc

Start with a foundation chain to fit the width of your phone + the depth of one side
Turn with 1 chain then work one double crochet into each chain to end
Chain 1 then dc into each stitch to end
Continue until the strip measures twice the height of your phone + the flap
(The flap length is up to you )

Fold the strip and with R/S facing you join the 2 pieces by working dc through both layers along each edge

Flap and button loop
Starting as shown in the diagram, work 2 dc into the corner then a few dc across the front edge (the exact number of dc will depend on the size of your case)
Make enough chain to fit your chosen button then miss that amount of stitches - dc into the next few stitches, 2 dc into the corner 
Continue in dc around the flap and finish with a ss into the first dc

Fasten off and weave in the loose ends
Stitch your chosen button to the front and your case is complete :)